Services provided by COMES

a. It connects employees and employers to help employees find jobs and helps employers find employees who have enough skills.

b. It brings together project partners. (You may have a project but no investment, another person has an investment but no project, COMES connects them).

c. It connects people with the same opinion. (You may have an idea but you don’t have enough knowledge to implement it COMES connects people with that knowledge in collaboration).

d. It gives you all the information related to the functioning of financial institutions and government funds including BDF, how to get a loan, how to get a mortgage, …

e. It connects entrepreneurs to exchange ideas and collaborate to grow their businesses.

f. Provides training for entrepreneurs.

g. It helps the unemployed in gaining knowledge and access to basic livelihoods.

h. It promotes knowledge and technology in entrepreneurship projects for innovation and creativity.

i. COMES is about to start paying Health Insurance to unemployed members.

j. Every month we will give unemployed phone calling cards so that they can find information that will enable them to create jobs.

k. Hiring members

L. Promoting the use of ICT in agriculture and animal husbandly